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My first print is available to everyone! It is Epcot Beauty check it out under the photoshop page. comments are appriciated. thank you.


So i have posted 3 new pictures. One new photoshop picture as well as two new photos on the photography page. Check them out as as always your input is important =)

sorry for the lack of new things. currently i am quite busy, but i will put up new things as soon as possible =)

Nothing new really today, sorry guys. I have yet to scan my artwork into my computer. That stuff should be us soon for all to see. I am still awaiting comments if you would care to comment feel free to i would appreciate any kind of critiques. Thank you.

I have added a new page with some of my photographs that i have taken. Check it out and your comments are appreciated. Also soon i should have an artwork page up with most of my drawings and projects, once i can upload them. A prints page should also be up sometime with some of my work available for you to purchase. Enjoy!

Good afternoon everyone! Urban affliction is back and all new. I have made changes to the website and there are lots of new things to check out. Such as, photoshop work as you have probably noticed on the side. Also coming soon will be artwork. So check everything out and enjoy comments are appreciated as well.